Bookshelf Organisation – to rainbow or not to rainbow?

On returning home for the Easter holidays and being reunited with my bookshelf I discovered that my books don’t fit nicely any more. I previously had them sort of tetris-ed into place (sadly I don’t have a photo of this arrangement) and I had acquired more books during term (as you do) so I thought fudge it – lets do rainbow shelves! I had attempted rainbow shelves once before, I they ancient time of 2013, and it looked like this:


A ghastly cluttered mess if you ask 2016 me! (also, I’m terribly sorry for burning your eyes with the disgusting choice of filter).

Anyway, I decided to omit the black spined books and focus on the more colourful ones. I think the result is pleasant enough but it only lasted 2 days before I couldn’t take it any more. I like art and I like looking at pretty things but rainbow organising isn’t nearly as satisfying alphabetising the books in my opinion.


Needless to say, I then reorganised the books into alphabetic order by authors surname. I also came up with the ingenious (ok it’s not that clever) idea of using the space ontop of my bookshelves. So, err, well now my bookshelves look boring and like this – Huzzah!