Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

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I tag anyone who reads this.

I’m bored so let’s do this!
Okay, okay, rules and stuff:

  1. pick 5 books
  2. turn to a random page and find the first character mentioned
  3. apply this character to the things (later I promise)

I just put the things (there must be a better name than ‘things’, I mean there probably is but) in the same order Beatrice used 🙂



Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout

  1. First person to die – Daemon


Not the best of starts…

  1. Person you trip to get away from the zombies – Ash


Ehhhh, if I had to trip someone…

Gone by Michael Grant

  1. The first person to get turned into a zombie – Sam


That’s really really not good news

  1. The person who trips you to get away from zombies – Jack



Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

  1. The idiot of the team – Akiva

….hmmm……???….not really seeing it….


  1. The brains of the team – Izîl

bitch please.gif

Oh deary

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

  1. The team’s medic – Penny


Could do a lot worse

  1. The weapons expert – Simon

Couldn’t do much worse… jeez, we’re all screwed…

im going to die.gif

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J K Rowling

  1. The brawler – George

well done.gif

Well he is a beater, I’m sure that bat will come in handy!

  1. Team captain – Hedwig

face palm.gif

Okay. Well that ended badly. (no offence to Hedwig but I’m not sure that an owl is the best choice for survival)

well overall I think I have 2 useful people and a lot of dead people…

give up.gif


Harry Potter Art

I don’t draw as much as I’d like, but here is a thestral and young Tom Riddle imagined from the Harry Potter series.

Doctor Who in Chronological Order

For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to sort all the Doctor Who episodes since 2005 into date order. Maybe one day I’ll watch them through in this order.

I’ve put which series each episode belongs to. I’ve put Christmas specials with the series after because they usually come with the boxset for the next series. For the episodes that don’t belong to a series, S* are the specials between 2008 and 2010 (the episodes between series 4 and series 5), and S** are the 2013 specials (between series 7 and series 8)

  1. 79 The Fires of Pompeii S4
  2. 102 The Pandorica Opens S5
  3. 851 The Girl Who Died S9
  4. 1190 Robot of Sherwood S8
  5. 1599 The Shakespeare Code S3
  6. 1651 The Woman Who Lived S9
  7. 1699 The Curse of the Black Spot S6
  8. 1727 The Girl in the Fireplace S2
  9. 1859 The Next Doctor S*
  10. 1869 The Unquiet Dead S1
  11. 1870 A Town Called Mercy S7
  12. 1879 Tooth and Claw S2
  13. 1890s Deep Breath S8
  14. 1890 Vincent and the Doctor S5
  15. 1892 The Snowmen S7
  16. 1893 The Crimson Horror S7
  17. 1893 The Name of the Doctor S7
  18. 1913 Human Nature S3
  19. 1913 The Family of Blood S3
  20. 1926 The Unicorn and the Wasp S4
  21. 1930 Daleks in Manhattan S3
  22. 1930 Evolution of the Daleks S3
  23. 1938 The Angels Take Manhattan S7
  24. 1938 Let’s Kill Hitler S6
  25. 1941 The Empty Child S1
  26. 1941 The Doctor Dances S1
  27. 1941 Victory of the Daleks S5
  28. 1953 The Idiot’s Lantern S2
  29. 1969 Day of the Moon S6
  30. 1974 Hide S7
  31. 1983 Cold War S7
  32. 1987 Father’s Day S1
  33. 1990s Listen S8
  34. 1996 The Big Bang S5
  35. 2005 Rose S1
  36. 2005 Aliens of London S1
  37. 2005 World War Three S1
  38. 2005 Boom Town S1
  39. 2005 The Christmas Invasion S2
  40. 2006 School Reunion S2
  41. 2007 Rise of the Cybermen S2
  42. 2007 The Age of Steel S2
  43. 2007 Love & Monsters S2
  44. 2007 Army of Ghosts S2
  45. 2007 Doomsday S2
  46. 2007 Blink S3
  47. 2007 The Runaway Bride S3
  48. 2008 Smith and Jones S3
  49. 2008 The Lazarus Experiment S3
  50. 2008 The Sound of Drums S3
  51. 2008 Last of the Timelords S3
  52. 2008 Voyage of the Damned S4
  53. 2009 Partners in Crime S4
  54. 2009 The Sontaran Stratagem S4
  55. 2009 The Poison Sky S4
  56. 2009 Turn Left S4
  57. 2009 The Stolen Earth S4
  58. 2009 Journey’s End S4
  59. 2009 Planet of the Dead S*
  60. 2009 The End of Time Part 1 S*
  61. 2010 The End of Time Part 2 S*
  62. 2010 The Eleventh Hour S5
  63. 2010 The Lodger S5
  64. 2011 The Impossible Astronaut S6
  65. 2011 Night Terrors S6
  66. 2011 Closing Time S6
  67. 2011 The Wedding of River Song S6
  68. 2012 Dalek S1
  69. 2012 Fear Her S2
  70. 2012 The Power of Three S7
  71. 2013 The Bells of Saint John S7
  72. 2013 The Time of the Doctor S**
  73. 2014 The Caretaker S8
  74. 2014 Flatline S8
  75. 2014 The Forest of the Night S8
  76. 2014 Dark Water S8
  77. 2014 Death in Heaven S8
  78. 2014 Last Christmas S9
  79. 2015 Amy’s Choice S5
  80. 2015 The Magician’s Apprentice S9
  81. 2015 The Zygon Invasion S9
  82. 2015 The Zygon Inversion S9
  83. 2015 Face the Raven S9
  84. 2020 The Hungry Earth S5
  85. 2020 Cold Blood S5
  86. 2049 Kill the Moon S8
  87. 2059 The Waters of Mars S*
  88. 22nd Century The Rebel Flesh S6
  89. 22nd Century The Almost People S6
  90. 2119 Under the Lake S9
  91. 2119 Before the Flood S9
  92. 2367 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship S7
  93. 3295 The Beast Below S5
  94. 38th Century Sleep No More S9
  95. 42nd Century 42 S3
  96. 4126 Planet of the Ood S4
  97. 44th Century A Christmas Carol S6
  98. 4321 The Impossible Planet S2
  99. 4321 The Satan Pit S2
  100. 51st Century The Girl in the Fireplace S2
  101. 51st Century Silence in the Library S4
  102. 51st Century Forest of the Dead S4
  103. 51st Century The Time of the Angels S5
  104. 51st Century Flesh and Stone S5
  105. 52nd Century A Good Man Goes to War S6
  106. 5343 The Husbands of River Song S10?
  107. 5345 The Doctor the Widow and the Wardrobe S7
  108. 6012 The Doctor’s Daughter S4
  109. 200,000 The Long Game S1
  110. 200,100 Bad Wolf S1
  111. 200,100 The Parting of the Ways S1
  112. 5 Billion The End of the World S1
  113. 5 Billion and 23 New Earth S2
  114. 5 Billion and 53 Gridlock S3
  115. 100 Trillion Utopia S3
  116. Unknown Midnight S4
  117. Unknown The Doctor’s Wife S6
  118. Unknown The Girl Who Waited S6
  119. Unknown The God Complex S6
  120. Unknown Asylum of the Daleks S7
  121. Unknown The Rings of Akhaten S7
  122. Unknown Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS S7
  123. Unknown Nightmare in Silver S7
  124. Unknown The Last Day S**
  125. Unknown Into the Dalek S8
  126. Unknown Time Heist S8
  127. Unknown Mummy on the Orient Express S8
  128. Unknown The Witch’s Familiar S9
  129. Unknown Heaven Sent S9
  130. Unknown Hell Bent S9

The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

Series: book 2 of The Mistborn Trilogy

Genre: High Fantasy

Pages: 763

Rating: 4.5/5

I’m borrowing the Mistborn Trilogy from my brother I finished the Well of Ascension a few weeks ago, and I’m honesty quite impressed with myself for reading such a long book during term time (I’m not the fastest of readers). I read The Hero of Ages (book 1) in the summer holidays, but I rushed it and I don’t really remember much of what happened. This time I didn’t rush it so I enjoyed reading The Well of Ascension so much more than The Hero of Ages.

The story is so gripping and I could never predict what would happen next. I love the magic system and all the different creatures. The plot was so well put together. I do have one bugbear – that Brandon Sanderson used the word ‘gotten’ quite a lot, which I find very annoying (I know, so hard to please).

I’m really excited to continue with the series and find out what happens in The Hero of Ages, but it will have to wait a while as it’s still in my room at uni and I’m not sure I can commit to such a big book during exams.

token photo of the book – the cover’s so purtyy – tadaa!!


Bookshelf Organisation – to rainbow or not to rainbow?

On returning home for the Easter holidays and being reunited with my bookshelf I discovered that my books don’t fit nicely any more. I previously had them sort of tetris-ed into place (sadly I don’t have a photo of this arrangement) and I had acquired more books during term (as you do) so I thought fudge it – lets do rainbow shelves! I had attempted rainbow shelves once before, I they ancient time of 2013, and it looked like this:


A ghastly cluttered mess if you ask 2016 me! (also, I’m terribly sorry for burning your eyes with the disgusting choice of filter).

Anyway, I decided to omit the black spined books and focus on the more colourful ones. I think the result is pleasant enough but it only lasted 2 days before I couldn’t take it any more. I like art and I like looking at pretty things but rainbow organising isn’t nearly as satisfying alphabetising the books in my opinion.


Needless to say, I then reorganised the books into alphabetic order by authors surname. I also came up with the ingenious (ok it’s not that clever) idea of using the space ontop of my bookshelves. So, err, well now my bookshelves look boring and like this – Huzzah!